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Mary's Catholic school in Vale Road from 1953 through to 1958.I have to agree with previous correspondents here about the dubious means of discipline used by the teachers who were all Nuns.Jack Tullett was a character, I used to go around with his brother Ernie in an old van delivering fish in Mile Oak - I used to get a bag of chips out if it.Ma Robinson's little shop in Trafalgar Road with her daughter Grace and son Charlie. I went back to Buckler Street recently and those streets seem so small now. Sadly I can't remember the Ivy Tea rooms being open as a child, but the sign was certainly there.

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The Maynard family you mention had nothing (to my knowledge) to do with my late husband's family. Some of the nuns used to terrify me but I remember the Head, Sister Grata.

I say this because I would like to ask anyone if they remember a grocer's shop on the corner of Trafalgar Road and Shelldale Road.

I am not sure but I think the proprietor's name may have been Cyril.

There were many shops in Trafalgar Road and surrounding streets, even a Co op.

Tony, I do remember Tullett's fish and chip shop in Elm Road, also Jack Tullett used to push a barrow around the streets on Sundays selling shellfish.

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